Significance of Casino Chip Colours

People who are not familiar with the rules and regulations of a casino might not be aware of its importance and how games function. Such individuals might have noticed different colours for Casino chips, but have not really understood the purpose. These chips have a lot to talk about in terms of value, and you need to know that before stepping into one of these casinos. So, to update you with knowledge, here is all that you need to know about Casino Chips and their colours.


The Home Chip Set

There are specific colours that are granted for home games, and they vary from the rest of the lot. Colours such as blue, white, red and green are the ones usually available for all home games. But time can be a factor that might have changed some of these colours and brought in new ones into the market. So now the new set might comprise of colours such as orange, yellow, pink and purple. Apart from colours, the design is another aspect that might be the new change. Since most of them are tailor-made, the value may vary depending upon the manufacturer.

Chips color

The Casino Chip Colours

The Gaming Control Board gets the last say when it comes to the standard of colours and sizes that are used in the casino. But again factors such as region plays a huge difference, as colours and size vary for different states. Nevada identifies things using colours such as blue, white or grey with each holding $!. For Atlantic City Yellow chips are worth around $5, and blue chips are worth $10. Things are way different in Illinois as yellow chips are worth $20. According to the terms and conditions of the state, every casino has a unique identification pattern.


The Bigger Ones

Everyone wants to nail the big fish in the sea, as that carries the maximum amount of value and people would like to earn more money. In this case, there are many casino chips in larger denominations depending upon the limits that the game has introduced. These chips are not only larger in value but also larger in terms of size. Such chips will mainly be in orange and yellow as their value ranges between 5000 to 25,000. But again casino in different regions have their own take on the matter in a way to provide for security and various other reasons. These chips will not be easily seen around, as they are largely used at high limit game rooms and not other places. It is not necessary that you will only find chips, as plaques have also come in circulation. Hence. These points depict all that you need to know about these chips.


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