Born in ’61. As a member of Issei-style Sepia, he made his record debut with “Omaku, from the top of the road”. The TV drama “Tonbo / Drama Series (TBS)” and the
movie “Music Box” have been recognized for their unprecedented presence. 1990, Toei V cinema “neo-thugs-Teppodama Pyu
Banmei Takahashi supervision work” is a big hit, thereafter, and no out in Aikawa brand, “or taken to accumulate,” “bastard,” “Gokuraku Tombo”, “organization violence
force “Three dragons” “Nagaremono” and hit series. The movie debut was directed by Seiji Izumi’s “Crush on this chest (’88)”. Of 1991
in “the Lion our summer (first appearance)”, and Rikien catastrophic outlaw, hit, “Yuku is Shura,” “selfishness to Shiyagare !!”, “review”, “Shakkingu <Sha
Kkingu > ”And“ Shura no Michi ”are serialized. In the supporting performances, the performances of “white hands”, “sadness of sticks”, “eel” and “demon fire” are appreciated. In 1995, made his directorial debut as “Aikawa Sho” at “BAD GUY BEACH”. In addition, in 17.8, he served as the first chairman of Zato City. In 1999 “The 8th Japanese Professional Movie Awards”, in 2002 the respective best actor award at the “1st DV Cinema Award”, also in ’04, “13th day this Film Critics In 2005, he won the “Best Personality Award” and in 2005 “Zebraman” received the “Japan Academy Award for Best Actor”.

In addition, “the 17th Japan glasses Dresser Award” (sunglasses department ’04) Other than acting, such as “2009 good couple of days Nice couple Award” received
awards. In recent years, not only strong characters, but also celebrity figures that can be relied on in magazines and television, good bosses, viewers of father images (readers) voting
Appears in the top ranking. He is popular in a friendly and reliable manner, and serves as a goodwill ambassador for tea and other ambassadors in Kagoshima. In 2008, the rally team “Show Aikawa World Rally Team” was started. In the same year, WRC Rally Japan completed its first challenge, earning the first place in the N3 class
and participating in various races.