100 commemorative works starring Sho Aikawa

It is the busiest screenwriter that Japan’s busiest actors and directors requested for the script! Miyaku Kankuro . Kudo is a Aikawa fan of enough to cast the Sho Aikawa in “Kisarazu Cat’s Eye” one of the directors of the “100th’s Aikawa ‘s a makeover things” start to write in response to the “It is interesting” in the Word, nobody saw Sho Aikawa, who read the first plot, said that he was “blurred” while he had a premonition that a never-ending masterpiece would be born . And the commotion of the 100th anniversary starring Aikawa Sho began! Kyoka Suzuki, Atsuro Watanabe, Mitsuyoshi Uchimura, Aoi Osugi and Yui Ichikawa participated just because they were “interesting”. Another highlight is that various actors are secretly appearing. The possibility of Japanese movies embodied by Takashi Miike, the story planned by Kankuroro Miyafuji, and the shrine that everyone wants to carry, Sho Aikawa , the story is [a hero of justice! [More] [Love] [Family] [Dreaming power]. I don’t know what jumps out. But it’s definitely interesting . “Casherne” “Cutie Honey” “Devilman” “Tetsujin 28” “Ninja Hattori-kun” “Sailor Moon” … The only original hero “Zebraman” appears in the midst of the hero remake boom ! If everybody dreamed and dreamed of creating a hero, the original was a zebra! !

Story 34 years ago, the “Zebraman” broadcast was discontinued in episode 7. And in 2010, Yachiyo City, Tokyo. A 50-centimeter giant crayfish outbreak, a wild bird died, 10,000 bearded seals climbed the river, and UFO crashed. Still, a sudden change occurs in the ordinary Yachiyo city. A hero of justice appeared and began to fight aliens ! The true identity of the hero is elementary school teacher Shinichi Ichikawa, who is so obsessed with the program “Zebraman” that he saw when he was a kid , that he creates costumes and wears them to fight aliens. And I think it’s just a bad guy who is fighting. The person himself is very chattered and can’t help it … because the bad guys = aliens come to the side, the hair on the back of the head will stand upside down and it will be inevitable . The new city was close to transfer student Asano and her mother, Kana. Respected Asano familiar with “ZEBRAMAN” more than their own, Rin Rin entertain the longing to correct mother, Kana. My wife is affair, my daughter is helping dating, my son is bullied, and for New City, where my family is on the verge of collapse , I think that my ideal wife and child, if I am my husband … At the same time, the Defense Agency, which acquired phantom information that had aliens in Yachiyo City and established a base for conquering the world , established a special confidential investigation department. Oikawa and Segawa, who have been appointed to investigate, have two strict lives, “Do n’t say too much ”, “Do n’t say, I think you ’re stupid,” Oikawa answers. Still, the town is getting more serious. Aliens have really to Ru, I crime is not extinct. Oikawa knows that there is a dubious zebra-patterned man who is defeating aliens faster than they rush to the scene

The One day, aliens finally invaded Yachiyo City all at once! The government concludes that it
will drop a neutron bomb in Yachiyo City, and will isolate the city . In the whirlpool, New City notices. All that happened in Yachiyo City was written in the script of “Zebraman”
! What is the mystery of Yachiyo City! ? Can Zebraman protect Yachiyo City and the earth! ? It’s close at the time of the decisive battle! Shinichi shouts, “I’ll put on black and white